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A Kind of Magic - Random Huggers Day 2005

A Kind Of Magic

A film about Random Huggers day, 1st May 2005

Mayella Reynolds spearheads a campaign to foster goodwill amongst all people, by asking groups of committed activists to give out Random Hugs to complete strangers. The result is something close to the Miraculous. Has to be seen to be beleived. The 2nd Annual Random Hugger's Day was on 1st May 2005. EU was there to see a kind of magic happening on the streets of London. It made me proud to be human.

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What is a Random Hugger?

In November 2003, a chance remark made by Nick Farrari on LBC Radio, prompted Mayella Reynolds to conceive a bold and extravagant plan, designed to give a boost to the love and goodwill circulating through our community. Working with a team of friends the plan unfolded into a campaign of warmth, generosity and healing. By May of the following year, the preparations had been made, and on May 1st 2004, Mayella Reynolds led a band of 29 "ordinary people" onto the streets of London, UK, with a very simple objective; they would offer randomly chosen strangers the love, warmth and wonderful energy that is in a good hug. They would offer these "Random Hugs" freely and unconditionally to as many people as they could find who would receive these hugs in the same spirit of generosity between strangers as they were being given. Thus was borm "Random Huggers Day". Random Huggers Day is now planned to be an annual global event, and although it is only in its second year, and a good deal of people around the world may well have not heard of it yet, it is clear from the celebration and joy it creates, the pleasure of the volunteers involved, and the happiness it adds to the faces of passing strangers, that Random Huggers Day is destined to be a global phenomenon. So on the 1st May 2005, EU took our cameras out onto the streets of london with this intrepid band of huggers, and tried as much as we could to capture on film the spirit of this amazing event. Thank you so much to all the huggers who were willing to talk to us on camera, and all the strangers who let us film you. We hope you enjoy this film about this wonderful event. And we hope it will encourage many more people to become Random Huggers, not just on Random Huggers Day, but also day to day and in the world at large. (Love and of course hugs to you all.) Andrew.

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