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Pico Azores

Pico Azores

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One Liner:

The island paradise of Pico in the Azores.


About a third of the way across the atlantic between Euro-Africa and the Americas is a small cluster of volcanic islands which the mid atlantic ridge has throw up as if to prove once and for all that nature has a sense of humour. The island group of the Azores comprises 8 islands, apart from the big peak, Pico, (which is also the highest mountain in Portugal, not just the Az's). These are Corvo, Flores, Faial, Graciosa, Santa Maria, Sao Jorge, Sao Miguel and Terceira. Pico, one of the islands, in particular is a slightly amused kind of place. Ever so slightly Monty Python. They make Azorean cheese here. Somehow the place gives the you the sense of being slightly too ridiculous to be real - surely it had to have been made up, by the mind of some crazy surrealist poet or comedian. Possibly Eddie Izzard? In the port of Calheta de Nesquim there is a bar where "nothing ever happens". The decoration was put up 50 years ago. The bar-tender will serve you a drink. A dog sits in the doorway. No one else ever goes there - or so it seems... Outside in the port no boats go out. No boats come in. The dog looks up for a moment, and then goes back to dreaming about bitches (or whatever it is that dogs dream about). The dog looking up is the most action the town has seen all day. We drink our beers. Still no one in the streets. Here they make a virtue out of absense. The absense of people, the absence of activity, the absense of wealth. They used to do whaling here - the whole local economy was based on it. But now the whaling is banned so the islanders have turned to providing whale-watching tours to dumb foreigners. The kind of place where life moves slowly, and is largely indifferent to anyone’s opinion that it should be otherwise. We may try to fly back to Lisbon tomorrow, but to do that we have to take a ferry to the neighbouring island of Faial, and if the weather is bad the ferry boat may not cross, or the plane may not come even if the ferry does cross. But no matter. No matter anything. Why is it a problem? Why are we in such a rush? Where is it we're trying to get to? How is that any better than here? In the small shop at the top of the hill above Porto de Sao Joao the locals cast their eyes over me as though I had more than the requisite number of heads, and had pieces of human-flesh stuck between my teeth. In this film NRR shows us around this island paradise. We discuss whale watching tour and in the company of the one of the world's foremost authorities on sperm whales. I suppose it might have just been by chance that it came to the surface so close to us, but I like to think that he must have liked us (we were giving off good happy vibes) and he came to say hello. I felt very blessed to have been visited by a whale in this way. Of course the Azores is not just about whale watching and sailing. Pico in particular is a great place to take a jump into the atlantic from. Put on a snorkel or some eye goggles and flippers and watch huge schools of fish swim in front of your eyes right close up by the shore near coastal towns like Lajes do Pico and Madalena The azoreans have erected purpose built platforms and enclosed pools at the water's edge which are great to go swimming in. is organising tailored relaxation courses and vacations on Pico, Azores for the summer of 2005. These can include yoga, poetry, whale watching, sculpting, swimming, issue resolution, study, and relationship exploration. If you are interested, send an email to the email address at the bottom of the page. It will be great to hear from you.

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