Hello Life ! - A Musical Starring Heather Cairncross

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Hello Life - Musical Staring Heather Cairncross

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Grammy award winner, Heather Cairncross, who has sung worldwide from Carnegie Hall to La Scala, Milan, via the film soundtracks for Harry Potter and Lord of the Rings, talks about award winning hit musical "Hello Life" in which she is now appearing at the Brighton Fringe festival.


If you do a quick google search on Heather Cairncross, which possibly you just did do, you will (have) discovered a seemingly endless list of links concerning Heather; lists of classical music CDs that feature her, singing groups that she has sung with such as the Swingle Singers, movie soundtracks that she sang for, the altovoice web site, and information about “Hello Life”, the musical that she was closely involved in the creation of, and has subsequently starred in numerous performances around the country, and at various festivals, most recently the Brighton fringe. “Hello Life” is a one-woman musical. A show about a divorced woman with 2 young children, finding her way back into the world, after the split with her husband. It deals with issues of tackling being newly single again, after a long period of married life, getting back on the dating scene, blind dates, dates from hell, being a single parent caring for 2 young children, dealing with the financial consequences of divorce. All of this might seem the stuff of misery, but Hello Life manages to be funny, touching and uplifting, rising as it does to a crescendo of exhuberance. "Hello Life! I've come to savour, ALL you have, each delectable flavour." But this film is not just about the musical. It is also a chance to get much closer to Heather Cairncross, her motivation as a singer and what drives her as an artist. In the film, the singer speaks very candidly about vulnerability of being a performer, the rawness of having nothing between you and your audience, singer and performing about subjects that are very raw and personal, and close to everyone's hearts.

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