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Budapest City Guide Video

Budapest City Guide

One Liner:

Andrew and Vip explore Budapest, Hungary, the views, the tourists, and the locals. Providing a real sense of what being in Budapest is like. At least if you spent time with Andrew and Vip, that is.


Situated on the heart of the Danube, and in the heart of the european continent, Budapest is a city of... well, if you'll pardon my Hungarian, contrasts. You may find you get acosted by minstrels on ever other street corner, and prostitutes on the other ones. Yes, Budapest is a city where, if you're a tourist, everyone is on the make. Things you want to buy, tourist trips out of the city, taxi fares, and yes even girls come in a huge range of variable prices depending on how much you look like you can be taken for. But at the same time Budapest is city where the sense of the triumph of the human spirit and the warmth of its welcome is palpable. From the breathtaking opera house, the majestic palaces and cathedrals, and squares and gardens, and endless, endless statues, to the pulsing dance music that shouts defiance to the night sky in the open air discos, to the companionship of strangers the extraordinary turkish baths (where I got rubbed down by a 7foot tall 3foot wide, hairy, greasy hungangarian man), to the tranquility of a cruise up the danube in the glorious central continental heat. Budapest is also a city made interesting by the moment. It is in the midst of political transformation, finding it's feet after the over-throw of communism. Its just a short bus ride out of the city and you can find yourself in a graveyard of communist icons; scavenged and removed from all over the city, they have been dumped un-ceremoniously in a field that the only people stupid enough to want to visit are tourists. Yes, you've guessed it, I'm stupid enough. But strangely Szoborpark held turning point for me, in my spiritual and cultural exploration of Budapest. That and meeting a whole boat load of international studies post-graduate students from George Washington University. Well, that and meeting a young hungarian couple who treated us to best patiserie on the continent to share their thoughts on why it was good to live in Amerstam, but come home to Budapest every now and then. Well and then there were the English girls, of course. Nothing much gets passed the English girls. And on top of all that I got to spend four days with my own personal and very amazing tour guide, Vip Vyas. Vip is rapidly becoming a seasoned presenter on EcstaticUnion.com, (pronounced ecstatic union dot com), and I am very grateful to Vip for his extraordinary good nature and good humour. Thank you also to all the people, both those of you who are indiginous to Budapest, and those of you who were passing through, who shared your ideas, and knowledge, and insights, and yes too, your beautiful smiles. Thank you all for making the world a richer and brighter place. This video is a celebration of that, and some where a long the way, we try to also provide you with a travel guide to Budapestů a sort of Budapest City Guide, if you like. At least its a guide to what spending time in Budapest would be like, if you happened follow any of the paths that we did. Good luck on your travels! Andrew.